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Master Classes / By Choice

Laura Alonso - 1 master class (1 hour and a half)

  • classical ballet, Cuban technique

Diana White - 1 master class (1 hour and a half)

  • a) classical exercise – Balanchine technique
  • b) repertoire - Balanchine
  • c) variation from classic pas de deux - Tchaikovsky

Vladimir Angelov - 8 master classes (12 hours)

  • choreographic technique and creation of miniature
    (for choreographers and participants 14-21 y.o.)
    The miniature created during the seminars will be presented at the GALA evening.

Silvia Tomova - 1 master class (1 hour and a half)

  • Vaganova technique and repertoire

Antoaneta Aleksieva - 1 master class (1 hour and a half)

  • typical dance techniques; typical exercise and monologue of Aisha from the ballet Gayane

Emanuel Abruzzo - 2 master classes (3 hours)

  • modern dance techniques; jazz and contemporary

Filip Milanov - 1 master class (1 hour and a half)

  • modern dance techniques

Kristina Grigorova - 1 master class (1 hour and a half)

  • repertoire of Bournonville technique, shows Sylphide

Choreographic Composition Workshop

Vladimir Angelov, USA

Workshop Description:

The task of this workshop is to stimulate the creative development of the dance artists as choreographers. Includes dance improvisation approaches, experimental practices and innovative strategies; basic principles of choreographic construction and composition and dramaturgical derivation of ideas through body movement. Improvisation techniques such as Underscore - Nancy Stark Smith, Contact Improvisation - Steve Paxton, and Improvisation Technologies - William Forsythe will be discussed. The classes during the workshop will culminate in the creation of a short-term chamber dance work which will be composed of the movement material created by the participants.


Varna Towers

256 Vladislav Varnenchik Blvd., Varna, Bulgaria


Master Classes for 7-13 y.o.:

  • Single Class (90 min): BGN 70 (35 euro)
  • Eight Classes (90 min each): BGN 280 (140 euro)

Master Classes for 14-21 y.o.:

  • Single Class (90 min): BGN 70 (35 euro)
  • Sixteen Classes (90 min each): BGN 560 (280 euro)